Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hannah's Treasure Chest?
Hannah's Treasure Chest is a non-profit organization that exists to enrich the lives of children in need by providing clothing, books, infant/toddler equipment and toys.
Where is Hannah’s Treasure Chest located?
The main warehouse of Hannah’s Treasure Chest is located at 124 Westpark Road, Centerville, OH 45459.
How many children does Hannah’s Treasure Chest assist each year and how many items are distributed?
In 2001 Hannah’s Treasure Chest assisted 362 children and distributed 140 items in January and grew to a distribution of 791 items by December 2001.
In 2002 we assisted 1125 children and distributed 608 items in January and 2590 items by August 2002.
In 2003 we assisted 4965 children and 31,018 items were distributed for the year.

Following 2003, Hannah’s Treasure Chest no longer tracked the individual number of children served each year. Instead we began tracking the number of items being distributed and the number of care packages distributed to local children as well as those being assisted throughout the USA as well as via mission trips to other countries.

In 2003 there were 31,018 items distributed.
In 2004 there were 53,102 items distributed.
In 2005 there were 53,901 items distributed.
In 2006 there were 61,212 items distributed.
In 2007 there were 83,349 items distributed.
Where do funds for operating expenses and special programs come from?
Hannah’s Treasure Chest receives operating expenses through fundraising events, the Change for Children Campaign and from private donations from residents of the Miami Valley. Grants from Corporations and Foundations assist in funding our special programs such as Start Off Right, Beds for Babies, GAP Funds and Giving Angels.
What is the retail Change for Children campaign?
The Change for Children Campaign consists of tennis ball cans converted into coin collection cans which are placed at local businesses to collect spare change. Each can has a full color wrap placed around it which explains the mission of Hannah’s Treasure Chest. Cans are placed in local businesses at check out counters for people to place their change in after paying for a product or service. Cans are checked bi-monthly by a member of the Board of Directors. Members of the Board are responsible for distributing cans to businesses in the service area of Hannah’s Treasure Chest.
How can I help?
There are many ways to help support Hannah’s Treasure Chest. Your contribution, large or small, will make a meaningful difference to enriching the lives of our children living in poverty.

Financial Support
A financial contribution to Hannah’s Treasure Chest is fully tax-deductible as allowed by law. Please make your check payable to Hannah’s Treasure Chest. Cash, money order and check donations are currently accepted as financial donations. We also offer the ability to make donations via credit card.

A gift of appreciated securities can be donated directly to Hannah’s Treasure Chest and may entitle you to significant tax benefits. Please consult with your tax advisor for additional information.

Charitable giving by local businesses and corporations provides crucial support to Hannah’s Treasure Chest and at the same time sends an important message to a Company’s employees, customers and shareholders that they value and support the needs of our children living in poverty. Corporate sponsorship can take different forms, including direct financial giving, cause-related marketing, event sponsorship, as well as in-kind support.

Ask if your employer has a matching gift program. Many companies will double or triple an employee’s donation.

When you can make a financial donation in honor of a loved one, Hannah’s Treasure Chest will send your honoree a card acknowledging your gift. If it is in memory of someone we will send acknowledgment to the family.

In-Kind Support
Donate new or nearly new baby and children’s items. We are thrilled to accept your donations. The most important thing is that the items be in new or gently used condition. Hannah’s Treasure Chest offers a special opportunity for families in poverty to obtain needed children’s items that are in excellent condition. Please donate what you would feel good about having for your child. We are unable to accept items that are stained, teethed on, worn in appearance, missing parts, etc. Thank you!

Hannah’s Treasure Chest accepts:
Clothing, Toys, Books, Videos/DVDs, Music Tapes/CDs, Blankets, Bedding, Towels, Strollers, Highchairs, Bassinets, Baby Carriers, Swings, Exersaucers, Baby Proofing Items, Baby Monitors, Diaper Bags, Photo Albums, Room Accessories, Diapers, Formula, Stuffed Animals, Walkers, Bottles, Nipples, Teethers, Car Seats, Cribs, Baby Furniture, School Supplies
... and anything else appropriate for a child 12 and under

Hannah’s Treasure Chest cannot accept:
Recalled Items, Broken Items or Items Missing Parts

Organize a collection drive at your place of business, child’s school, church or other affiliation. Hannah’s Treasure Chest can help you with the details.

Whether or not you are expecting a child, you can help Hannah’s Treasure Chest by organizing a baby shower to collect children’s items for children in need. Get together with friends, colleagues, or others to raise money or to collect children’s items to donate to Hannah’s Treasure Chest.

Celebrate your child’s birthday or other family event by donating a gift to another child in need. We can help you choose an item, or pick one out yourself!

Volunteer your time for Hannah’s Treasure Chest. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering. We always need volunteers to help on-site (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm) and many times need volunteers off-site for special projects.

Finally, tell others about Hannah’s Treasure Chest!
Will my cash or other donations be tax deductible?
Since Hannah’s Treasure Chest is an IRS recognized 501c3 organization, all donations to Hannah’s Treasure Chest are tax deductible. Receipts or donation letters are available upon request.
What fundraisers does Hannah’s Treasure Chest host?
In March, we hold an annual fashion show and women’s event (Diva's Day Out) featuring a silent auction, raffle, theatrical fashion production and other special activities.
What donations does Hannah’s Treasure Chest accept?
Our inventory depends upon donations from individuals as well as from corporations and manufacturers, and retailers of children’s goods. We gladly accept and appreciate donations of baby, toddler and children’s items from parents whose own children have grown out of them, provided they are in excellent condition. Your donations help to ensure baby, toddler and children’s items are always available to our children in need.
What is the impact of a child living in poverty?
For a child born into poverty, the capacity for healthy development is compromised by multiple risk factors, including a lack of basic comforts, poor nutrition, minimal opportunities for stimulation and enriching activity, unpredictable or unstable surroundings and maternal depression. For these reasons, ensuring a healthy and secure start in life can be a special challenge.
How is poverty defined?
Poverty is defined as an income of $16,689 for a family of three based on the US Department  of Health and Human Services Federal Poverty Guidelines, 2007.
What do we know about children living in poverty in the US?
There are over 73 million children in the United States.
39%—28.6 million—live in low-income families.
17%—12.7 million—live in poor families.
After a decade of decline, the proportion of children living in low-income families is rising again, a trend that began in 2000.

Young children are disproportionately low income. 43% of children under age 6—more than 10 million—live in low-income families.
44% of children under age 3 years—5.4 million—live in low-income families.
43% of children ages 3 and 4 years—3.5 million—live in low-income families.
41% of children age 5 years—1.6 million—live in low-income families.
39% of children ages 6 through 11 years—9.3 million—live in low-income families.
35% of children ages 12 through 17 years—8.8 million—live in low-income families.
- National Center for Children in Poverty
What do we know about children living in poverty in Ohio?
In Ohio, there are 1,582,914 families, with 2,747,099 children.
Poor Children: 18% (485,650) of children live in poor families (National: 17%), defined as income below 100% of the federal poverty level.

23% (211,437) of children, under age 6, live in poor families.
15% (274,214) of children, age 6 or older, live in poor families.
- National Center for Children in Poverty
What are we doing to help children in poverty in the Miami Valley and surrounding areas?
Hannah’s Treasure Chest helps children in poverty by reducing risks associated with poverty. By providing their parents with the clothing, furniture and toys needed for their children, we empower them with the tools to ensure their children’s optimal development as well as enhance their child’s feelings of being secure and valued.

Fewer children in poverty will mean:
More children entering school ready to learn,
More successful schools and fewer school dropouts,
Better child health and less strain on hospitals and public health systems,
Less stress on the juvenile justice system, and
Less child hunger and malnutrition, and other important advances.
- National Center for Children in Poverty, “Low Income Children in the United States: A Brief Demographic Profile (March 2002).